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731Re: Vim (Vi IMproved) for Mac OSX

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  • Benji Fisher
    Sep 16, 2002
      On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 08:42 AM, ewitness - Ben Fowler wrote:

      > At 11:09 pm -0400 14/9/02, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >> This file does not exist in the standard distribution: I assume
      >> it gets added by CVS. Maybe this change can be implemented by the CVS
      >> maintainers.
      > I am not sure I understand all that. Looking at the repository, I can
      > see
      > the file that I have in mind, last modified 10 months ago. Here is my
      > latest
      > context diff.

      When I say "standard distribution" I mean what you get by
      downloading files from ftp.vim.org . IIUC, you are looking at files on
      CVS, which include some (such as src/.cvsignore ) that do not exist in
      the standard distribution.

      --Benji Fisher
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