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7166Re: Double-save

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  • George Harker
    Apr 4, 2008
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      Hi folks,

      > I see...can you tell me if the same thing happens if you use
      > "text-tabs"...i.e. add "set go-=e" in your ~/.gvimrc and see if the
      > "+" disappears after hitting <D-s>.

      Yes, I use gui tabs (and that's in my vimrc). Non-gui tabs (text
      tabs) behave the same, so the bug might be a thing in vim... or the
      way a save is invoked in insert mode

      > Yeah, it seems that way...strange that it happens every time for you
      > but never for me. :/

      If I have gui or non gui tabs up, go insert mode with 'a', type a char
      and hit <D-s> it's totally repeatable. An esc updates (but additional
      insert-mode keys do not)

      > It does feel strange that <D-v> and p should work differently...I'll
      > look into it. Thanks for the suggestion. Or does anybody know if
      > there's a reason why they are different?
      > To see the difference in action, copy these six lines:
      > blah
      > blah
      > blah
      > b
      > b
      > b
      > Then block select the three lines of "la" and hit <D-c>, then put
      > cursor on the first line with only a "b" and hit p. Then undo and do
      > the same thing but use <D-v> instead of p.
      > By the way, at the moment <D-v> will either paste line or
      > char-wise...so it never attempts to paste block-wise (due to the way
      > I've coded "paste" in gui_macvim.m)...there should be something I can
      > do about that.

      You can also see the line-wise effect using a line-select of the last
      blah and first b, then <D-c>. Position cursor on first b. The key p
      will insert after the line as expected, but <D-v> inserts before...

      Hope that helps



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