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7156Re: Latexsuite + MacVim: No View rule defined for target pdf

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Apr 4, 2008
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      Ted Pavlic wrote:
      > The line that *SHOULD* be there is (all one line):
      > if !(has('win32') || has('macunix')) &&
      > (!Tex_GetVarValue('Tex_UseMakefile') || (glob('makefile*') == '' &&
      > glob('Makefile*') == ''))
      > That will fix the problem. Both macunix and win32 have a way of opening
      > those files without needing a specified viewer.

      1. Thanks for communicating that. Do you have a way to get this and your other
      fixes included in vim-latex svn? Surely that would be worthwhile, particularly
      considering the number of vim-latex questions we get on these lists!

      2. I wonder why I don't get the error. I have no Makefile and my Tex_ViewRule_pdf
      seems to be empty, and Tex_ViewRuleComplete_pdf seems to be undefined. The error
      should simply have occured when opening a .tex file, yeah?

      3. Do you have any comment on the patch to compiler.vim suggested here?:
      It doesn't seem quite right to me, though it is a bit ambiguous. I guess the docs
      should be consulted--it seems like you're somehow meant to set viewer to an app
      name "Preview" rather than path to a binary, but the patch suggests changing it so
      you give a binary name, but I'm not sure this would work so well as what was
      originally there.


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