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7155Re: Double-save

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  • Nico Weber
    Apr 4, 2008
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      >> I think I've seen what it is. The + icon in the tabs in the gui
      >> doesn't
      >> update the first time (but file is saved). The second time
      >> modifies the +
      >> in the tab title (I was using about 6 tabs if it matters). So it's
      >> not
      >> strictly the case that it's not saving.
      > I see...can you tell me if the same thing happens if you use
      > "text-tabs"...i.e. add "set go-=e" in your ~/.gvimrc and see if the
      > "+" disappears after hitting <D-s>.

      You can also do `:set go-=e` in a running MacVim. George, do you have
      'guitablabel' set?

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