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  • björn
    Apr 4, 2008
      On 04/04/2008, George Harker <georgeharker@...> wrote:
      > I think I've seen what it is. The + icon in the tabs in the gui doesn't
      > update the first time (but file is saved). The second time modifies the +
      > in the tab title (I was using about 6 tabs if it matters). So it's not
      > strictly the case that it's not saving.

      I see...can you tell me if the same thing happens if you use
      "text-tabs"...i.e. add "set go-=e" in your ~/.gvimrc and see if the
      "+" disappears after hitting <D-s>.

      > I think this is just a tab title update thing.

      Yeah, it seems that way...strange that it happens every time for you
      but never for me. :/

      > Whils I'm on the list...
      > would it be possible to attach metadata to the pasteboard (you can add
      > stuff in addition to text that won't be pasted if not recognized) that
      > allows paste to 'know' whether the selection was copied per line / or in a
      > block.
      > Or perhaps paste in insert mode wouldn't do the whole paste on new line
      > thing?
      > I suppose I expect it to work a bit more 'p' when you yank with a cisual
      > selection that isn't line-based, than it does right now. Which feels 'p'
      > where a visual line was yanked reguardless of the previous copy mode.
      > Maybe I'm being lazy, I didn't check what the key combo in play was so maybe
      > I can remap it, but for me this isn't simply a mac-expectation thing, it's a
      > vim expectation thing. I use it a lot when I have to go between multiple
      > vim windows.

      It does feel strange that <D-v> and p should work differently...I'll
      look into it. Thanks for the suggestion. Or does anybody know if
      there's a reason why they are different?

      To see the difference in action, copy these six lines:


      Then block select the three lines of "la" and hit <D-c>, then put
      cursor on the first line with only a "b" and hit p. Then undo and do
      the same thing but use <D-v> instead of p.

      By the way, at the moment <D-v> will either paste line or
      char-wise...so it never attempts to paste block-wise (due to the way
      I've coded "paste" in gui_macvim.m)...there should be something I can
      do about that.


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