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7135Re: Latexsuite + MacVim: No View rule defined for target pdf

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  • Ted Pavlic
    Apr 3, 2008
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      On a related note, you should *NOT* be installing TeXLive from fink or
      MacPorts. I *suppose* that you might be able to get LaTeX package
      updates easier that way, but overall I have a feeling it's a bad idea.

      Instead, use MacTeX from TUG or gwTeX.

      MacTeX: http://www.tug.org/mactex/

      gwTeX: http://ii2.sourceforge.net/tex-index.html

      You can install them both. You'll get a "System Preferences" pane that
      allows yourself to switch from one to the other as needed (it changes a


      aireydc wrote:
      > I would be very interested in an FAQ on installing MacVim and Vim-
      > LaTeX on my OS X 10.5.2 system. I am hesitating at the moment without
      > be able to follow a guide or tips on troubleshooting. Currently I
      > have MacPorts Vim installed and I am just learning the basics of Vim.
      > I had headaches installing TeXlive, because of bugs in that package
      > with regard to installing correct PATHs on an upgraded Leopard
      > system. That is all resolved and a trail of the fix is online at the
      > mac latex listserv. TexShop is fine, but I'd like to try MacVim +
      > Vim-Latex.
      > Cheers,
      > -Dave
      > On Apr 3, 10:59 am, "björn" <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      >> On 03/04/2008, Nico Weber <nicolaswe...@...> wrote:
      >>> Hi,
      >>>> Right, it does seem that the variable *is* set, as I have it
      >>>> set to nothing, and nothing happens when I try to echo it -- as
      >>>> opposed to what happens when echoing a non-existing variable (e
      >>>> g blah or some such). So, then, why does it keep complaining?
      >>> perhaps this thread can help
      >>> you:http://groups.google.com/group/vim_mac/browse_thread/thread/20eee8242...
      >>> (gist: check the "Launch vim processes in login shell" in the
      >>> preferences. Hm, perhaps there should be an entry about MacVim
      >>> and tex in the faq, this comes up rather frequently.
      >> Good idea. Could somebody please compile a short FAQ entry for me
      >> to put on the MacVim project page (with links to relevant pages on
      >> Ted's site etc.)? I'm not using LaTeX suite myself at the moment
      >> so I'm not the ideal person to write such an entry.
      >> Thanks, Björn
      > >

      Ted Pavlic <ted@...>

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