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7132Re: Latexsuite + MacVim: No View rule defined for target pdf

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  • krisse
    Apr 3, 2008
      As Ted guessed, it did not help. (To check the "Launch vim processes
      in login shell" in the

      I have the variable set in .vimrc (and in the file the error msg
      suggests as well; and no, I haven't always had it in both places, I've
      switched and shifted and commente in and out and... bonkers). The
      variable is fine, as troubleshooting per Teds initial suggestion
      showed. ... Although it can't be, given the error-message. *sigh*

      Yes, vim-latex is getting loaded. Everything works just fine. That is,
      except for that error that gets thrown in my face every time I load a
      TEX-file... :-)

      Thanks for your efforts.


      On 3 Apr, 16:20, Ted Pavlic <t...@...> wrote:
      > Nico --
      >         I really don't think that's going to help. I have never had the problem
      > described by Kristian, and I have never had that setting checked.
      >         The variable in the error message is not an environment variable. It's
      > a Vim variable set by Vim-LaTeX. I'm pretty sure it's not a VIMRUNTIME
      > problem because Vim-LaTeX *IS* getting loaded.
      >         There's something else going on here.
      >         --Ted
      > Nico Weber wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >> Right, it does seem that the variable *is* set, as I have it set to
      > >>  nothing, and nothing happens when I try to echo it -- as opposed
      > >> to what happens when echoing a non-existing variable (e g blah or
      > >> some such). So, then, why does it keep complaining?
      > > perhaps this thread can help you:
      > >http://groups.google.com/group/vim_mac/browse_thread/thread/20eee8242...
      > >  (gist: check the "Launch vim processes in login shell" in the
      > > preferences.
      > > Hm, perhaps there should be an entry about MacVim and tex in the faq,
      > >  this comes up rather frequently.
      > > HTH, Nico
      > --
      > Ted Pavlic <t...@...>
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