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  • björn
    Apr 3, 2008
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      On 03/04/2008, George Harker <georgeharker@...> wrote:
      > Hi folks,
      > Still very much liking macvim. I've got some wierd behaviour in more
      > recent builds. To effect a save, I have to do apple-s twice.
      > I don't have and <D-s> mappings in my vimrc or anything and this only
      > just started happening. ... I know I should be esc-w! or whatever,
      > but this is one key combo that seems nicer when I'm on my mac.
      > Anyone know why this might have started happening

      I've never seen this problem myself. Some questions:

      1. Is the problem intermittent or does it happen every time you hit <D-s>?
      2. Does it happen to any other menu items? (E.g. <D-g>, <D-o>, ...)
      3. Do you have to press <D-s> twice to save, or can you e.g. hit
      <D-s><Return>? (Or some other key instead of <Return>?)
      4. Does the same thing happen if you actually choose the menu item
      File->Save using the mouse?
      5. Can you reproduce this problem if you rename ~/.vimrc and ~/.gvimrc?
      6. Does it seem to matter if you start MacVim from Terminal or Finder?

      I realize these questions may be hard to answer (in particular if your
      answer to 1. is "no")...


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