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7106Re: TextMate-like project drawer for MacVim?

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  • wishi
    Apr 2 6:26 AM
      I don't think that there's a great need to bloat the default tree of
      vim. Textmate just sucks, not having anything like code-completion or
      intelligent behavior, while editing. :-)
      Next to this point a project drawer is integrated in vim-JDE, which
      wasn't mentioned jet.

      I use the NERDtree, because it's intelligent. Works wonderful with tabs:
      just open a new file pressing t and read or edit.

      The only thing I'm really missing - what Textmate offers - is a way to
      compile LaTeX documents and automatically jumping to the pdf for
      previewing. But the vim project offers more project viewers then emacs
      :-). So... we rock.


      Matt Tolton schrieb:
      >> Once I got used to it, I found vim's buffer handling much more useful
      >> than drawers like these. Of course, they're texty, but they keep my
      >> hands on the keyboard and let me switch from file to file pretty easily
      >> (e.g., by number or by name match).
      > The drawer doesn't replace vim's buffer handling, IMO. Buffer
      > handling is for switching among files you already have open. The
      > drawer helps you access/view all of the files in and the hierarchy of
      > your project and easily open them.
      >> I don't use TextMate much, and so I don't know all of its nice features,
      >> but I *bet* that there are more "pure" Vimmy ways to do those things
      >> that, once you get over the initial hand cramps, will end up working
      >> much better.
      > TextMate will do fuzzy matching on files names in your project. There
      > is a vim plugin out that will do this, but in the end it is just way
      > too slow on large amounts of files. It's vimscript's slowness that is
      > the problem, and the fact that you can't actually do something "in the
      > background" using vimscript.
      > Anyway, to each their own. Just thought I'd point out that IMHO the
      > purpose of TextMate's drawer is orthogonal to that of vim's buffer
      > handling.
      > Matt
      > >

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