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691Re: vim for Jaguar

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  • Benji Fisher
    Sep 7, 2002
      > Hi,
      > just thought you fellows ought to know, the version of vim
      > (http://macvim.swdev.org/OSX/files/vim6.1.146.tar.gz) that runs on
      > Jaguar has some sort of line termination problem, it interprets Unix
      > newlines as ctrl-J...
      > Cheers,
      > ira

      OK, this is the second report I have received. The first time, it
      was suggested (and I accepted) that the culprit was the "set ffs+=mac"
      that I added to the system vimrc file. Now, I tried this with my copy
      of vim (6.1.141 on OSX 10.1.5) and loaded $VIMRUNTIME/filetype.vim
      (certainly with Unix-style line endings) without any problem. Can
      anyone diagnose this problem? I can think of three things that might
      affect this, perhaps in combination:

      1. the vim binary for OSX 10.2

      2. the 'fileformats' ('ffs') option

      3. the particular files being edited, if they have some strange
      combination of <CR> and <NL> characters.

      Those who have seen this problem, please try to figure out what
      combination of factors seems to cause the problem.

      --Benji Fisher
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