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687Re: Bug list update

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  • Sébastien Pierre
    Sep 3, 2002
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      Le mardi, 3 sep 2002, à 02:38 Europe/Paris, Benji Fisher a écrit :

      >> It would be nice if somebody could compile MacVim with iconv support,
      >> so that we could have proper encoding conversion and eventually switch
      >> from X11-Vim to MacVim :)
      > I believe Muraoka Taro is working on this, using standard Mac
      > libraries to
      > emulate gettext and iconv IIUC. If you can give me explicit
      > directions, I will
      > try downloading iconv and gettext by fink and compiling against them.
      > Note that
      > the usual configure/make process will probably not do it, since this
      > does not
      > support the Carbon (Aqua) GUI. Or if someone else can do the
      > compiling, I will
      > be happy to post the binary.

      I actually tried once to enable libiconv with Vim 6 and the Mac
      patches, but there was some troubles with header that where not found.
      So I didn't investigate further because I didn't figure out why I had
      such an error. Maybe you will have better luck ?

      If you have fink installed, there are chances that libiconv is already
      installed. As I remember a simple change in the patched makefile
      #defines should allow you to specify that you want to compile iconv

      Good luck ;)

      -- Sébastien

      BTW: If you manage this, I could write a CarbonVim package for Fink, as
      it is already the case for emacs-aqua
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