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68approval not required for subscribe addresses

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  • Sven Guckes
    May 19, 2000
      * Eugene Lee <eugene@...> [000519 12:57]:
      > :Last week I received a dozen messages from the mailing list
      > :manager with requests to approve some posts from you guys.
      > :Folks, this takes time and work.
      > :And I find it reather unnecessary.
      > :So, please subscribe to the list properly.
      > I didn't realize that all messages on
      > this list have to be approved first.
      > Would it be okay to drop the manual message approval step?

      Manual approval is not required for this list to "work". In fact,
      this only applied to sender addresses which are *not* subscribed.

      So - I don't mind if you cannot send from your subscribed address
      once in a while. But if you keep sending to the list
      then you should do so from a subscribed address. OK? :-)

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