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658Re: Vim patches

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  • Benji Fisher
    Aug 15, 2002
      Rain Dog wrote:
      > Attached is a tarball containing a patch to gui_mac.c that
      > addresses this.
      > There was a problem with the way that Carbon "file references" were
      > being
      > converted into UNIX-style pathnames when the files in question didn't
      > already exist.
      > The resource file containing the dialog box template appears to be
      > missing.
      > If you've been building with make, adding a command like the following
      > to the makefile should solve the problem:
      > If you've been using Project Builder, I'm stumped; it should take
      > care of
      > this for you.

      Yes, I have been using Muraoka Taro's Make_osx.mak . I have been
      documenting how I build vim at

      > I've taken the liberty of patching Taro Muraoka's Make_osx.mak
      > (which hopefully can eventually make its way into the CVS repository)
      > with this change as well as the Info.plist changes that enable
      > drag-and-drop.
      > That patch is also included in the tarball.

      Thanks. That will simplify my build process. I just got back from one
      trip, and am about to leave for another, so I may not have a chance to test this
      for another week or two. Note that the latest Make_osx.mak did not work well
      for me, so the one I have been using is an earlier version.

      > Peter Cucka
      > raindog@...

      Do you prefer to be addressed as Peter or as Rain Dog?

      --Benji Fisher
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