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  • Nico Weber
    Mar 1, 2008
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      this adds version checking to the integraton prefpane (this works iff
      the output of the test program I just sent produces the same output on
      Tiger as it does on Matrix' machine).


      ps: This means only the GUI is left. If someone wants to take a shot
      at it feel welcome -- it's quite easy, you only have to move stuff
      around in Interface Builder and write some text. The text should say
      something like

      'this adds an "Edit in External Editor" menu command to (nearly)
      all apps. It can make these apps unstable (but usually won't and you
      can uninstall this without problems). Changes you make to the editor
      dropdown are only valid in apps you start after you change your
      editor; you have to restart running apps. You should also restart
      running apps after updating this to a new version.'

      -- just with less words ;-)

      I'll give it a shot myself tomorrow.


      ps: Bjorn, can you bump the version of the ODBEdior bundle to 1.1? I
      modified it a bit when I added it (it was a separate commit in the zip).

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