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652Re: MacOS Classic, iconv and gettext emulation

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  • Mac Vim Support (Axel Kielhorn)
    Jul 29 9:20 AM
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      Last week I wrote that it should be possible to use TEC for Mac Classic.
      That was a bad thing to do, because I couldn't rest until I got it compiled:-)

      The patches included (against a clean 6.1.118) include the changes to
      get iconv emulation layer compiled with CodeWarrior 2 for MacOS

      What have I done?
      #include <TextEncodingConverter.h>
      (This is automatically included with carbon.h)
      Changed a lot of variables to the types expected by the library to
      avoid casting: buf_in, buf_out, out_len, out_true, etc.
      CW is really picky about type missmatch.

      #define TRACE

      Added typedef for MacOS Classic,
      define missing errors.

      Added library (Patch not included)

      Things to do:
      Learn how to use encodings to test if it really works.


      could you please integrate these patches into your version and if
      possible release a new patch against a more recent Vim?

      Everyone else:

      The patches will be probably missing from the list, if you really
      want them, please ask by mail.

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