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648Re: MacVim - one version? cvs?

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  • Benji Fisher
    Jul 27, 2002
      On Friday, July 26, 2002, at 07:52 PM, Gregory Seidman wrote:
      > Is it currently possible to have more than one X11 GUI? For example, can
      > one configure vim to use both GTK and Athena and differentiate between
      > them
      > on the commandline? If so, I have high hopes that the same could be done
      > for Aqua.

      I do not know, but I am guessing that GTK + Athena is not
      possible. If my guess is wrong, then I agree that Aqua + XDarwin should
      also be possible.
      > Marc Liyanage's version is just a package of a build from CVS. The CVS
      > code configures, compiles, and installs flawlessly on MacOS X. I've done
      > it.

      The Carbon (OSX) version is also from the standard sources; I think
      that the Classic version is, too. There are often a few patches
      floating around, but as soon as the bugs get worked out, we send them to
      Bram and they become part of the official distribution.

      --Benji Fisher
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