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644Re: MacVim - one version? cvs?

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  • Gregory Seidman
    Jul 26 4:52 PM
      Benji Fisher sez: [...]
      } For OS X, there are two GUI's that we want to support: the native one
      } (Aqua?) and also X11 (XDarwin). I will be surprised if it is easy to get
      } a single binary that supports both GUI's. We could just say that
      } "XDarwin is another flavor of Unix, and Unix geeks should compile their
      } own version," but I think there are many OS X users who appreciate having
      } a convenient package.

      Is it currently possible to have more than one X11 GUI? For example, can
      one configure vim to use both GTK and Athena and differentiate between them
      on the commandline? If so, I have high hopes that the same could be done
      for Aqua.

      } Maybe I am missing the point. How many versions of MacVim are there? I
      } think the main ones are mine (OS X Carbon), Axel Kielhorn's (Classic:
      } PPC and 68k) and Marc Liyanage's (OS X Terminal/X11). I guess there are
      } also some versions with more support for Asian languages; Muraoka Taro is
      } working on integrating this into the OS X Carbon version, at least. Am I
      } missing some, or is this already too much?

      Marc Liyanage's version is just a package of a build from CVS. The CVS
      code configures, compiles, and installs flawlessly on MacOS X. I've done

      } --Benji Fisher
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