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640Re: MacVim - one version? cvs?

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  • Eugene Lee
    Jul 25, 2002
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      On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 04:08:45PM +0200, Mac Vim Support (Axel Kielhorn) wrote:
      : At 17:35 Uhr +0200 2002-07-23, Sven Guckes wrote:
      : >
      : >personally, i'd favor *one* version - and
      : >collaboration via CVS. is this possible?
      : The problem is that we have different binary versions. Don't forget
      : that the difference between MacOS Classic and MacOS X is larger than
      : the difference between Windows 3.1 and WindowsXP and that we have to
      : support two different CPUs.
      : The source is already the same for all versions (modulo some small
      : local changes).

      If the source is identical and building different binaries is a matter
      of different #define's, then the only limit to collaboration via CVS is
      the organizational skills between the core developers.

      Eugene Lee
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