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64Re: vim-5.6 MacOS-8.6 vs Disklock - solved / update os_mac.txt!

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  • Jean-Pierre Giacalone
    May 11 11:42 PM
      Axel Kielhorn wrote:
      > >I had some feedback from Jean-Pierre and
      > >it seems that the problem has been solved:
      Hello Axel,

      I did a quick check this morning about your assumption.
      I wrote a short text file, gave it the name ".foo.txt"
      and ... got exactly the same behaviour as with swapfiles
      activated : the application crashes.

      I also tried to change the name of an existing file to
      ".name.txt" using regular MAC OS features and I was
      allowed to do it even though "DiskLock" was running.

      So it really seems that it's the way VIM writes files
      starting with a dot that creates the issue. Do we know
      how "DiskLock" protects the disk access ?


      > >
      > >I took a "wild guess" at the use of swapfiles -
      > >and Jean-Pierre said that "unset swapfiles"
      > >solves the problem with "Vim-5.6 vs Dislock".
      > >
      > >However, dropping swap files just to make
      > >Vim usuable on a Macintosh seems bad.
      > >Is there a way to solve this problem?
      > This looks like a problem with filenames starting with a ".". I removed
      > rc-files starting with a dot in 5.6.70, maybe I schould use the underscore
      > for swp-files.
      > Axel
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