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637Re: Compiling vim 5.8.9 under non-carbon environment

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  • Kenichi Asai
    Jul 24, 2002
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      Axel says:

      > You need recent Universal Header definitons from Apple.
      > I'm using 3.4 from the Carbon SDK.

      Thank you for the information. (I knew (and still know almost)
      nothing about internals of MacOS.) I tried on iMac with MacOS 9:

      - Installed CarbonLib 1.6 from Apple,
      - Installed Universal Interfaces 3.4.1 to CodeWarrior Release 5,
      - Rebuild MacHeaders,
      - Rebuild MSL libraries (but SIOUX could not be built with some
      - Link against various libraries (including CarbonLib)

      but still I could not build vim 5.8.9. If I link against CanbonLib,
      then I can obtain a binary, but if I launch it, it says ">>CarbonLib<<
      is missing" (with ">>" and "<<").

      > In my defs.h file I have:

      I also included this in my features.h, but the situation is the same.

      Axel, may I ask you to compile a +multibyte VimPPC 5.8.9 and send it
      to me for my personal use? (Or if the new ftp site for Mac vim
      include +multibyte binaries for 5.8.9, too, that's also fine.)
      I tried to build multibyte vim 5.8.9 and make it public, but I almost
      gave up. Or do someone see anything else I can try?

      # I know I lack knowledge and skills on the compilation on Macintosh
      # in general, but I think this shows it is quite hard to compile vim
      # 5.8.9 on Macintosh with the current distribution. I hope some
      # useful instruction be included in the distribution...


      Kenichi Asai
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