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  • Matthias Bertschy
    Jul 24, 2002
      Yes, you are right... maybe an email like user@... will suit me.

      Matthias Bertschy

      On mercredi, juillet 24, 2002, at 10:39 , Sven Guckes wrote:

      > * Matthias Bertschy <matthiasbertschy@...> [2002-07-24 09:13]:
      >> I just received the same email from
      >> Apple... I'm quite disapointed by that.
      >> I'm also embarassed by the fact that
      >> if I want to keep my free email adress
      >> @... I should be first a member of
      >> .Mac (therefor I'll have to pay).
      >> Does anyone has a solution ?
      > dump the mac.com address. get another.
      > if apple wanted to pay you for supporting it
      > then it will tell you so. but if they want you
      > to pay for advertising "mac.com" on the net,
      > well, then it is time to find a new sponsor.
      > Svens [waiting for M$ to but apple, anyway]
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