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630Re: Vim 6.1.128 on iDisk

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  • Patrick Curtain
    Jul 22 8:13 PM
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      Folks, it's just little ol' me, so forgive the hubris.


      If anyone would like an account on my server, just let me know. I use
      zope for user accounts, so it's pretty straightforward to administer. :)

      Use vim every day all day, so I'd be honored to help.

      On Monday, July 22, 2002, at 06:36 PM, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > Sven Guckes wrote:
      >> * Axel Kielhorn <macvim@...> [2002-07-22 04:16]:
      >>> Earlier today I uploaded a new version of MacVim to the
      >>> MacVim idisk. This will probably the last version
      >>> available on the idisk since Apple is going to charge
      >>> 100 $US/year for this service starting on 2002-09-30.
      >> well, apple never really wanted to support
      >> vim or any other (almost) free software.
      >> so i'll say "fsck 'em".
      >>> This means I'll have to look for a new
      >>> webspace and a new mail address.
      >> i'd offer sth kielhorn@... - but we've long ago
      >> decided to not give away vim.org addresses. sorry.
      >> as for ftp space - how about the canonical
      >> ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/mac/ ? Bram?
      >> in fact, i'd like to see some of the binaries there
      >> as there has not been *any* update since march 2000.
      > Sven:
      > Thanks for cc'ing me. I guess that I, too, will have to find new
      > web space
      > for the OS X binaries. One more item for the TODO list...
      > --Benji
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