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  • Nico Weber
    Feb 9, 2008

      > why is MacVim a own project and not a patch to the original vim source
      > tree?

      Because this way it's easier to maintain. When MacVim started, it was
      distributed as a patch to vim (choose "Deprecated Files" on MacVim's
      downloads page), but this was inconvenient to handle once more than
      one person started working on the project.

      > I think it is better to replace the old carbon code in vim source tree
      > (not 64-Bit ready), instead of make a own vim application. Has Bram
      > Moolenaar a problem with the direct integration of this cocoa based
      > vim code?

      there are (were?) several approaches to make the original vim more
      modern: First, MacVim, written by Bjorn Winckler, which starts a
      separate gui-less vim process per window and has the UI in a separate
      process -- thus MacVim is able to display several vim windows. Second,
      vim-cocoa, written by Jigod Jiang as Summer of Code project, which is
      a "normal" gui for vim written in cocoa. It uses only one process for
      vim and UI (thus it can display only one window)). Bram wanted to wait
      and see which approach works better.

      In general, MacVim is more convenient to use and more actively
      maintained (or, at least, more publicly), but vim-cocoa is a bit
      faster and people say it has better Unicode display capabilities (for
      what my needs, MacVim handles Unicode just fine though).

      Jigod started porting vim-cocoas text renderer to MacVim as far as I
      know. But since he seems to prefer coding to writing mails
      (admirable!), I don't know how far he's come.


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