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6208Re: ODBInputManager README typo

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  • björn
    Feb 5, 2008
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      On 04/02/2008, Ted Pavlic <ted@...> wrote:
      > The ODBInputManager README has:
      > sudo cp -pR "~/Desktop/ODBInputManager/Edit in ODBEditor" \
      > /Library/InputManagers
      > For one, the "i" in "in" needs to be capitalized. Second, you can't
      > quote a tilde (at least not in the bash in 10.4). Perhaps this line is
      > better:
      > sudo cp -pR ~/Desktop/ODBInputManager/Edit\ In\ ODBEditor \
      > /Library/InputManagers

      Thanks Ted, I didn't realize that you couldn't quote the tilde. I
      have uploaded a new archive with updated instructions (and I changed
      the folder name to have a small 'i' to be consistent with the bundle


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