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619Re: MacOS X, iconv and gettext emulation

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  • Mac Vim Support (Axel Kielhorn)
    Jul 7, 2002
      At 17:18 Uhr +0900 2002-07-07, MURAOKA Taro wrote:
      > > This means <StandardFile.h> and <Traps.h> are not included for
      >> Are you sure these includes are not needed for MACOS_X?
      >Thank you for notifing this. It is a mistake. I had expected that it
      >means <StandardFile.h> and <Traps.h> are not included for MACOS_X, as
      >you guessed. Those two header are not available on Mac OS X, and
      >warnings are shown when compile.
      >Try to fix this as below.

      This compiles as advertized as long as iconv is disabled.

      When I enable USE_ICONV I get complaints about
      undefined EINVAL and E2BIG.

      Both are defined for MPW but not for Codewarrior.
      I guess this means no iconv support for MacOS Classic.

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