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6181Re: transparency not working in gvimrc

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  • Nico Weber
    Feb 4, 2008
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      > Yep, I'm using a version built from git about two days ago. I did
      > the experiments you suggested, and found that:
      > 1. With the fresh .gvimrc that has only the transparency command, it
      > works.

      Can you try to uncomment parts of your normal .gvimrc and see what
      part needs to be uncommented to make it work? Do you have autocommands
      in there?

      > 2. With my normal .gvimrc, if I say `:source ~/.gvimrc', then no
      > transparency happens *until* I then do `:e foo.txt'; when foo.txt is
      > opened, transparency magically appears. Nothing special about
      > foo.txt, the same thing happens when I do `:E' to get the file
      > explorer.



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