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61Re: MacVim 5.6.70 released

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  • Ben Fowler
    May 12 5:16 AM
      At 09:21 AM 5/12/00, Eugene Lee wrote:
      >:> > I have a serious problem with this MacVim 5.6.70. When I started it up,
      >:> > it would always die and drop into MacsBug. It's very difficult to exit
      >:> > the application from there.
      >:What happens when you try the command
      >: es
      >That's the command I use in MacsBug. So what happens is basically what
      >I had explained before:

      Thanks. I missed the start of this. es (exit to shell) causes control to be
      passed back to the finder and for the foreground process's resources to be
      released. This will not work if vital memory structures are corrupt. it also
      fails (or fails through that reason) under some circumstances if the foreground
      process is handing an elaborate apple event or is deeply involved in shared
      libraries. (Try doing an es out of Stuffit Deluxe).

      Generally, failure to respond to es indicates something that could be improved
      in a program & it would be nice to make vi as friendly and compliant as

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