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605Re: CarbonVim encoding problem

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  • MURAOKA Taro
    May 26, 2002
      > Another problem is that you might have the iconv library, but someone
      > who runs your compiled binary doesn't. The best way to solve this is by
      > dynamically loading the library. But currently this is only implemented
      > for MS-Windows. Would be a great help to have this on more systems!

      MacOS X (Carbon) has a set of APIs which called "Text Encoding
      Conversion Manager". It works as like as iconv library. So I have
      wrote iconv emulation layer for MacOS X using these APIs, and now I am
      testing for Vim. This emulation layer is not so big as iconv library is,
      so it could be included in vim.

      Please try below patch and Makefile.

      In this layer, I add some aliases for Japansese encoding name. I'm
      glad, if anyone add aliases for another languages (ex. Chinese, Korean)

      MURAOKA Taro <koron@...>
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