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604Re: CarbonVim encoding problem

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 26, 2002
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      Benji Fisher wrote:

      > > S├ębastien Pierre wrote:
      > >
      > >> I have checked with :version, and iconv has not been compiled in. This
      > >> may be the reason why the encodings do not work properly?
      > >
      > > Yes, without iconv no conversion is possible.
      > Should I add something like "Enable font conversions with iconv" to
      > the list of bugs on my web page? Or is this something that I can add at
      > compile time?

      If you do have the iconv library, configure should find it
      automatically. However, I don't know if this works on the mac. You
      could try defining USE_ICONV and see what happens. Perhaps define
      HAVE_ICONV_H as well.

      Another problem is that you might have the iconv library, but someone
      who runs your compiled binary doesn't. The best way to solve this is by
      dynamically loading the library. But currently this is only implemented
      for MS-Windows. Would be a great help to have this on more systems!

      > > --
      > > Q: How to decide if I should clean my house or work on improving Vim?
      > > A: Depends on which has more bugs.
      > I think you should multiply the number of bugs by the number of
      > people bothered by each bug. ;)

      Then I need someone else to clean my house! :-)

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