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6[vim-mac] Vim gets Beanie Award!

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 4, 2000
      Thursday night, February 3, in a crowded party,
      the slashdot Beanie Awards have been presented.
      And guess what? Vim won!

      The category "Best Open Source Text Editor" listed
      Emacs, Xemacs, Pico, Joe and Vim. It's great that
      Vim has been voted to be the winner.
      Thanks to all who voted!

      The $2000 price will be donated to ICCF Holland,
      to help the orphans in Uganda.
      See http//www.vim.org/iccf for info on the project.

      More info on the Beanie Awards at http//www.slasdot.org.

      /-/-- Bram Moolenaar --- bram@... --- http//www.moolenaar.net --\-\
      \ \ Vim: http//www.vim.org ICCF Holland: http//www.vim.org/iccf / /