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5997Re: "set guifont=courier:h14" seems not work

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  • Kenneth Reid Beesley
    Jan 8 11:15 AM

      Yeah, guifont is for gvim (the GUI version of vim), so you'd normally
      place it in your .gvimrc
      rather than the .vimrc. When you launch gvim, the .gvimrc file gets

      In plain non-GUI vim, running in a terminal, the font selected for the
      terminal is the
      font used for vim. gvim allows you to set the guifont.


      On 8 Jan 2008, at 07:49, PaxToYou wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I placed the command "set guifont=courier:h14" into the .vimrc file
      > and I don't see any change on the screen (the current font in
      > different from what I'm selecting).
      > The same behaviour happens when I type in command mode ":set
      > guifont=courier:h14"
      > The VIM windows version 7.1 works as I expect but the same version for
      > MAC COCOA doesn't
      > Using the menu Edit->Select Font I'm able ti change the font.
      > Any idea how to automatically setup my favorite font when I open VIM?
      > Thanks.
      > Alberto
      > >

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