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5941Re: Can't get MacVim to work!

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  • Nico Weber
    Dec 29, 2007

      > I just realized that MacVim existed and I hope it will replace my use
      > of vim in Terminal (which I depend on greatly).
      > But when I start up MacVim (the `normal' way, i.e. by double-clicking
      > the icon in /Applications) there is no window opened and all the menus
      > appear to be mostly empty.

      can you try to open Terminal.app and paste the following line:

      open -a /Applications/_Nico/MacVim.app

      (make sure to quit all Vim processes spawned by MacVim and MacVim
      itself -- you can do this in Activity Monitor, no need for ps).

      Is there any output if you invoke that command? If so, can you send it


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