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587Vim 6.1.042

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  • Mac Vim Support (Axel Kielhorn)
    May 2, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      I have uploaded a new version of Vim to the MacVim iDisk.

      This is 6.1 patched to 6.1.042 with some additional patches:
      - fix to make the explorer work again on classic
      - fix to the mapping of special keys. There are still some
      key combinations not available. If you have problems
      mapping certain key-combinations please send a mail to the list.

      Both patches are already on the way to Bram.

      - patch to fgets_cr to improve processing of viminfo files.
      This is still experimental. If you have problems please report here.
      (This only affects MacOS Classic, MacOS X isn't using fgets_cr.)

      You can get the new version at:

      The binary archive contains a small version compiled for 68000.
      If you want to use it, you have to remove the explorer plugin. Since
      I can't test if this is really 68000 clean, please send me feedback.