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5851Re: Monaco h10 and antialiasing

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Dec 9, 2007
      Matt Tolton wrote:
      > It may be that Apple special cases Monaco....I personally think that
      > Monaco looks better without antialiasing at 10 pt.

      I would guess that Monaco is one of the few fonts that has a bitmap font
      installed, so that is simply used, rather than a scalable font going through the
      rasteriser with or without antialiasing.

      But didn't somebody say that Monaco was correctly antialiased in some other app?
      Terminal.app perhaps? My memory is shady.

      Is there perhaps some option to the rendering API used that allows you to disable
      the use of bitmap fonts, or force use of scalable/outline fonts, or prefer their
      use, or something like that? It's just a guess, but I reckon that might fix it, if
      there is such an option.


      Actually, a little Googling seems to confirm my theory. This page is a bit of a
      rant on the topic, though I don't think the author understands the technical
      details at all:


      And this page is a changeset in response to a ticket where this 'bug' was fixed in
      some other application.


      I have no idea if this is the same rendering engine that MacVim is currently
      using/will use, but it seems to me that the fix will be related to use or not of
      'screen fonts' anyway.

      And I can see that there would definitely be people in both camps as to whether
      they would want antialiasing or not. I would suggest having an option to turn
      antialiasing on or off, and when it's on, also turn off use of screen/bitmap fonts
      to ensure you truly do always get antialiasing (but use them when antialiasing is
      off so you still get the nicely hand-crafted bitmaps at small sizes which are much
      better than what a rasteriser will output).



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