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5735Re: Monaco h10 and antialiasing

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  • Jjgod Jiang
    Dec 3, 2007

      On Dec 4, 2007 4:54 AM, björn <bjorn.winckler@...> wrote:
      > No, I don't touch any antialiasing options. In fact, I don't even
      > know how to turn antialiasing on/off with the Cocoa text system. ;-)

      I thought it's a easy job, but it turns out not the case, I only found a
      relevant option called NSFontRenderingMode, but it's seems I can't
      create a new (scalable) NSFont with specific NSFontRenderingMode.
      (The only API related with NSFontRenderingMode is
      -screenFontWithRenderingMode:, but that's not for AppKit usage,
      according to the manual.)

      - Jiang

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