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573multiple display funkiness

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  • Bob Ippolito
    Apr 1 9:02 PM
      When I have a heterogeneous monitor configuration with different
      resolutions, I can't resize Vim to more than the dimensions (well it
      goes a bit larger, but not as large as it should go) of the primary
      display (not sure if it's primary display, or smallest display). Not
      that I often have text that's 1600 pixels wide, but it's nice to be able
      to stretch the window to full height. I don't know if this whole limit
      thing is exactly desired behavior, because someone (with monitors of
      equal resolution and size) might want to sit them on top of each other,
      or beside, and have a really large window that covers more than one
      display... I've seen other apps that are capable of doing that, but it
      looks really bad since my displays are different size and resolution.

      I'm not really sure if this is a Carbon issue in general, or something
      specific to Carbon Vim. I'm using the latest
      http://homepage.mac.com/fisherbb/index.html build.

      I have kind of a peculiar configuration here, right now I'm running my
      monitors like this (not to scale, hehe):

      | 1600x1024 | <-- Constrained to ~1200x800ish
      | | [secondary display]
      | 1152x768 | <-- Vim works great here
      |____________| [primary display]

      Anyways, the 1152x768 is the primary display (powerbook) and the
      1600x1024 is secondary (sgi 1600sw). It's the only configuration I
      could find that works well and looks nice in my room.. I was actually
      really surprised that OS X was smart enough to let you place monitors
      *on top* of each other (or have them at different resolutions even),
      usually it's assumed that you want them side by side in other operating