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572Re: Mapping irregularities

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 29, 2002
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      Axel Kielhorn wrote:

      > After getting Vim 6.1 I modified gui_mac_doKeyEvent and now I get different > results:
      > The second bloc is a little strange:
      > D-A and S-D-A both result in a lowercase "a", in the second case with
      > MOD_SHIFT set.
      > D-M-A and D-M-S-A result in lower- and uppercase =E5 with MOD_SHIFT
      > set in addition to the case conversion. But in this case it is purely
      > coincidental that the shifted letter is the upper case form of the
      > unshifted letter. Using "y" instead of "a" results in M-D-=A5 and
      > S-M-D-=FD which are completly unrelated.
      > The question is: should Vim see the MOD_SHIFT here or should it be cleared?

      I think the approach is a bit too simplistic. What should probably
      happen is that when a modifier causes the produced character to change,
      the modifier should be cleared, but when the resulting character is
      equal, it should be kept. Thus:

      keys pressed results in
      A a
      SHIFT A A
      9 9
      SHIFT 9 (
      CTRL 9 9 MOD_CTRL

      Would that work with all modifiers?

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