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57Re: "vim -u NONE" on Mac?

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  • Sven Guckes
    May 11, 2000
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      * Benji Fisher <fisherbb@...> [000510 18:25]:
      > > How would you start MacVIM
      > > *without* a setup file?
      > I would move the executable to a folder
      > where it could not find my vimrc.

      Well, if Vim looks for its prefs file
      in the preferences folder then you'd
      have to move that prefs file, too, right?

      > If there is actually a $VIM environment variable
      > (Does the Mac have environments?)
      > then I guess you would have to rename/move
      > the (system and user) [g]vimrc files.

      Environments? Have you ever
      seen a shell on a Mac? Right.

      As for the MPW "shell" - I will
      consider it as as soon as Apple
      bundles it with *every* Mac.
      But not a single day before that. ;-)

      The real problem is that we cannot
      tell users to test MacVim *without*
      a startup file. At least not in an
      easy way. This makes support hard.

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