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5698Re: Cyberduck and MacVim.app

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  • björn
    Dec 1, 2007
      On 28/11/2007, björn <bjorn.winckler@...> wrote:
      > On 28/11/2007, Nico Weber <nicolasweber@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > It is a fairly complete implementation. At the moment I do not
      > > > display the 'keyFileCustomPath' [1] string, but I am guessing it
      > > > should be used as the window title if the external program passes it.
      > > > Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should do with this
      > > > parameter?
      > >
      > > This should probably be used as file name in the title. Perhaps add a
      > > possibility to have a "customPath empty ? realPath : customPath"
      > > option to titlestr (and make it the default). Right now, MacVim
      > > displays the path to some temporary file for ODB edited files.
      > That's what I was thinking too...I'd better get an ODB aware program
      > to test it out with though, to see that it looks ok.

      Does anybody know a ODB aware program that actually passes the "custom
      path" parameter with the "ODB open" event? I tried Cyberduck but it
      did not pass it; I also tried a demo version of Transmit but it
      doesn't even seem to support ODB! Any other suggestions?


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