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5697Re: State of the current code

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  • Nico Weber
    Nov 30 11:47 PM

      > I plan on doing some MacVim testing but wanted to clear a few things.
      > I just pulled the latest code and notices no more toolbar, tabs don't
      > show up instead we get a drawer listing all the tabs.

      where did you get the code from? This sounds like the carbon gui. Make
      sure you got the code from the MacVim git repository. You also have to
      build both vim and MacVim. And you have to make sure you configure vim
      correctly, so that it uses the MacVim gui (sometimes after a `git
      pull` you have to rerun configure).

      See here for more information: http://code.google.com/p/macvim/wiki/Building

      > Is the code in such a large state of flux that I should hold off
      > testing, and mostly using what is in the git repo? let me know so I
      > can arrange my time.

      I don't understand your question. MacVim code only lives in its git
      repo. The official vim code only comes with the old carbon gui. The
      code in the git repository is in some kind of flux, but only because
      stuff gets added.


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