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56Re: [vim-mac] Re: vim-5.6 MacOS-8.6 vs Dislock - solved / update os_mac.txt!

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  • Ben Fowler
    May 10, 2000
      > > Because Disklock is a 'program' which interferes with access to the
      > disk. It
      > > is intended to make certain disks, files, or folders inaccessible.
      >Hmm, sounds like it's a Disklock problem then. Does it prevent disk access by
      >crashing the program that tries to? Vim would normally catch read/write
      >errors in the swap file and give an error message, not crash. If the problem
      >is that on the Mac a read/write error in the swap file is not handled
      >properly, then that can probably be fixed.

      Indeed it does. DiskLock used to part of NUM (Norton's Utilities for the Mac),
      which was bought by Symantec, and later sold to Power On software,
      < URL:http://www.poweronsw.com/ >. So far as I know it is still current,
      but I have never used it. I believe that best of breed disk locking utilities
      is FolderBolt, but I haven't ever used that either!


      I am always careful to run secure servers against DOS attack. You never
      know when someone might break in to your server and install DOS on it.
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