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559Re: command-line options for Carbon Vim

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  • Dragon Green
    Mar 19, 2002
      Ok, I answered my own questions. I had a typo that was making Vim not
      start up all the way... and I can have as many Vims as memory will allow
      if I start 'em command line.

      Still don't know why it wouldn't work with pseudo, but I'd have to know
      more about how pseudo works and that's another list.

      sorry, and thanks again,

      On Tuesday, March 19, 2002, at 10:18 AM, Dragon Green wrote:

      > Sorry no suggestions, just feedback and questions.
      > I tried the command that Benji Sent out originally, and yes, it starts
      > up the aqua Vim, but leaves it in the background. At least it worked
      > the first few times, but after that it wouldn't start all the way. The
      > icon would just bounce and bounce.
      > I've had the same problem in the past, when I tried to use Vim with
      > Pseudo, an app that starts other apps as root. The icon would just
      > bounce and bounce.
      > I also had a question... Is there any way to open more than one window,
      > or have more than one instance of Vim running at the same time. I can't
      > always do everything in one split window. Under unix I sometimes have 5
      > or six differnt Vims going at one time, but mac os x doesn't seem to
      > allow it.
      > Thank you very much,
      > Dragon
      > On 19 Mar 2002, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >> On Tuesday, March 19, 2002, at 05:45 AM,
      >> Erlend Aasland wrote:
      >>> On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >>>> Can anyone think of a way to send a
      >>>> command-line option to Carbon vim on
      >>>> Mac OS X? For example, the analogue
      >>>> of
      >>>> % gvim +100 foo.txt
      >>>> to open foo.txt and start at line 100. I
      >>>> can start vim with
      >>>> % open -a Vim foo.txt
      >>>> but I cannot figure out how to pass options
      >>>> as well as a file name. Hmm.. .
      >>>> % tcsh -c '/Applications/vim/Vim.app/Conte-
      >>>> % nts/MacOS/Vim -g +100
      >>>> foo.txt &'
      >>>> almost works, but Terminal remains the
      >>>> active application.
      >>> What about this...
      >>> % echo +100 foo.txt | xargs Vim
      >>> Erlend Aasland
      >> Does this work for you? I tried it
      >> (without the +100) and it started up the
      >> non-gui vim. Then I tried giving a path
      >> to the Carbon executable, and it started
      >> that up in Terminal mode. Then I gave it
      >> the -g flag:
      >> % echo -g foo.txt | xargs /Applications/vim/V-
      >> % im.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim
      >> and this worked about as well as my previous
      >> attempt: Terminal, not Vim, has the focus. It
      >> also spit out an error about allocating
      >> grey90. :-( <try again> That last bit is a
      >> difference between my home and office
      >> machines: I get the error message at the
      >> office either way.
      >> Any other suggestions?
      >> --Benji
      >> Fisher
      Check out my Domain...

      Never updated!
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