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5548Re: MacVim crashes and recovery

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  • björn
    Nov 14, 2007
      On 14/11/2007, Niklas Lindström <lindstream@...> wrote:
      > Hi!
      > As happy as I am using MacVim, it has occasionally crashed on me.
      > Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce the steps, so I can
      > give little input on what might be going on.
      > (The scenario is usually about ~5 vim window sessions running -- in
      > different Virtue virtual desktops, FWIW -- and suddenly grabbing the
      > window bar of one macvim window to move it brings down MacVim.)

      Is this a recent issue? Can you estimate around which time it started
      happening? Is all of MacVim crashing or is it just one window? I.e.
      is the MacVim application still running or does it quit? Does it
      leave any messages in the Console? Can you check your logfiles for
      crash reports (check MacVim.crash.log and Vim.crash.log in
      ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/) and let me know what they say?

      > What is a little more disturbing though is that I *don't* have to do
      > the (albeit tedious) "delete .swp file?" dance with all opened buffers
      > after such crash when sourcing the sessions I regularly save. This
      > make it seem as if the vim processes, in the event of a macvim-crash,
      > are terminated in a forced but controlled fashion, like some form of
      > ":q!"..?
      > Thus any swap-files have been deleted and that I cannot do :recover.
      > (I do not use backup files -- I have set 'nobackup' and
      > 'writebackup'.)
      > Is that a known behaviour of MacVim when crashing?

      Hmmm...I'm not sure exactly. If MacVim suddendly quits, the Vim
      processes will detect this (via connectionDidDie:) and call getout(0).
      Maybe I should call getout_preserve_modified() instead? Does anybody
      understand these functions? I am guessing that getout() deletes the
      swap file, whereas getout_preserve_modified() doesn't.


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