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5528Re: vim-cocoa 0.1 released

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  • Jun T.
    Nov 13 1:06 AM
      Thank you for the patch.
      (I needed to add "-framework Carbon" when linking.)

      >I'm not sure I can use KeyScript(smKeyRoman) to enable the IM,
      >'Roman' is Japanese input method, but carbon vim use this code.

      KeyScript() is called as
      KeyScript(active ? smKeySysScript : smKeyRoman);
      so I think smKeySysScript is Japanease (on a Japanease sytem),
      and smKeyRoman is Roman.

      BTW, does anybody know whether there are any benefits if an app
      is "pure Cocoa"? Or is it OK to occasionally use Carbon API in
      Cocoa apps?

      Sakamoto-san, I knew you were maintaining a private port file
      of vim for MacPorts, but I didn't know it has already supported

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