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552mak and imctrl for OSX

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  • MURAOKA Taro
    Mar 15, 2002
      I improved Make_osx.mak and wrote a patch to use IM_CONTROL for MacOS X.

      Now you can build gvim with perl interface supported with using new

      IM_CONTROL is standard interface to control input method's running
      status. You can control the status by 'iminsert' or so. I didn't test
      for previous MacOS before X, but it may be work with some little
      changes. Please try out it.

      Now files are available here:
      - Patch for IM_CONTROL
      - New Make_osx.mak
      (New Make_osx.mak'll require IM_CONTROL patches.)

      MURAOKA Taro <koron@...>