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5500Re: vim-cocoa 0.1 released

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  • Jun T.
    Nov 7, 2007
      I've tried vim-cocoa and it works great!.

      Especially good news to me is that it supports the "inline input"
      of CJK languages (on-the-spot style in X11 XIM terminology).

      A bad news is that it doesn't fully control the Input Method,
      i.e., the IM (such as Kotoeri) is still ON if I go to the normal mode
      by hitting ESC. I must manually turn off the IM. If I go back to the
      input mode I must turn it on again.

      Carbon gvim doesn't support inline input (it uses a separate floating
      window for IM), but it does support the full IM control if I apply
      the atsui.patch (of Jigod Jiang himself); IM is automatically off if I
      go to the normal mode, and automaticaly turned on again if I go back
      to the input mode.

      Are there any plan to support full IM control in vim-cocoa?

      (MacVim uses "off-the-spot" style for IM and doesn't support full
      IM control.)

      Another minor problem is that the preedit area in the inline input
      doesn't wrap to the next line. If the cursor is near the right end of
      the window and if I start inputting Japanese by using IM, the preedit
      area goes beyond the right end of the window but the region outside
      the window is not displayed; this makes it impossible to see what I'm
      typing now.

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