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55[vim-mac] Re: vim-5.6 MacOS-8.6 vs Dislock - solved / update os_mac.txt!

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 10, 2000
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      Leedsnet (?) wrote:

      > At 08:54 PM 5/9/00, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > >Hmm, I rather would see the problem further investigated, and solved!
      > >Very strange that using a swap file doesn't work when another program is
      > >running. Why can this be?
      > Because Disklock is a 'program' which interferes with access to the disk. It
      > is intended to make certain disks, files, or folders inaccessible.

      Hmm, sounds like it's a Disklock problem then. Does it prevent disk access by
      crashing the program that tries to? Vim would normally catch read/write
      errors in the swap file and give an error message, not crash. If the problem
      is that on the Mac a read/write error in the swap file is not handled
      properly, then that can probably be fixed.

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