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5473Ctrl-shortcuts for paging, mouse clicks

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  • valrus
    Nov 4, 2007
      First off, thanks so much for MacVim. It's exactly what I've been
      looking for for years.

      My problem is that the Ctrl-D and Ctrl-B shortcuts for page down and
      page up, respectively, aren't working: MacVim seems to be ignoring the
      fact that Control is down altogether. I think this happened when I
      upgraded to Leopard, but I'm not absolutely sure.

      Also, I have a multi-button mouse set up with SteerMouse to do a bunch
      of stuff, and MacVim is registering all the weird click actions that
      it sends; for example, when I hit Mouse Button 6 to bring up the
      Dashboard, it moves the cursor in MacVim as well. Is there a way to
      keep MacVim from recognizing clicks other than the primary, secondary
      and middle ones?

      Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

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