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5462Re: vim-cocoa 0.1 released

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  • Nico Weber
    Nov 3, 2007
      > This is super great. One thing can you please elaborate on is how
      > does Vim-cocoa and MacVim are related if any and is there a merge in
      > the works? I thought there were.

      Benji, could you give write access to someone to macvim.org? Panos,
      could you bring the wiki back up? We really need to post this
      somewhere on the web.

      In a nutshell: MacVim and vim-cocoa are both "better" than the old
      carbon version (which is still the "official" port). They are
      implemented in different ways, which mean that MacVim can have several
      vim windows, but it's a bit slower. Furthermore, MacVim is a bit more
      mature and has a few more features (toolbar, gui tabs, nicer font
      selection, ...).


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