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5450Re: vim-cocoa 0.1 released

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  • Jjgod Jiang
    Nov 3 9:13 AM
      Hi George,

      On 11/3/07, George V. Reilly <george@...> wrote:
      > The Vim.app in the tar.bz2 wouldn't open for me at all.
      > I built vim-cocoa from the git repository. It runs, but I don't get
      > any syntax highlighting. Instead, I get
      > E484: Can't open file
      > /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/Contents/Resources/vim/syntax/syntax.vim.

      Would you please execute the following commands

      :echo $VM
      :echo $VIMRUNTIME

      and tell me the results? (for the last command, I would like to see
      the line contain
      "fall-back for $VIM") that would be helpful for debugging this issue.

      - Jiang

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